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Quality, Environment and Safety
ALTUNA Y URIA, S.A. is a building company with the expertise to undertake complete projects, and which on a step-by-step basis has embraced its responsibilities and commitments in terms of Quality, the Environment and Occupational Health & Safety:

- In 1998 it complied with the Rules of the ISO 9000 Series for certifying its Quality System for the businesses of Mining and Using Aggregates and the Manufacture of Concrete Reinforcements.

- In 1999 it extended this Quality Certification to the specific business of Building Works.

- In 2005 we rounded off our Quality Assurance with Product Certificates as per the requirements of the Construction Products Directive-CPD (in the case of "Aggregates") and of Spain’s Order of 21 November 2001 and Standard UNE 83001:2000 and its 1st Amendment: 2004 (for "Concrete produced in plant").

- In 2007, considering the Environment and Quality to be innate to our projects, we implemented our Environmental Management System, certifying it according to ISO 14001.

- In 2008, by certifying our Occupational Health & Safety System according to OHSAS 18001, on behalf of everyone working at the company we have pledged our commitment to be vigilant in the Prevention of Occupational Risks and in Safety.

- Since then we have continued to evolve, step-by-step.
Certificado de conformidad de producción de aridos Sistiaga

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