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In 1966 Alejandro Uria, father of the current partners, created the company ALTUNA Y URIA S.A. In the beginning, the business involved refurbishing farmhouses and minor building work in the Azpeitia area, in the Basque Country.

In 1975 the company first became involved in Public Works in response to requests from several public bodies. It was the market itself and the complexity of the projects that led to the hiring of specialist technical staff. Furthermore, there was a steady incorporation of all the aspects involved in construction: machinery, quarrying, cement plants, a concrete reinforcements plant and an asphalt plant.

The result is a self-sufficient business for the undertaking of work, with no outside dependence, constituting an independent and extremely adaptable and flexible company that has taken part in the main building projects in Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country (Kursaal, Bretxa, the Leizaran dual carriage-way, the AP-1 motorway, the Monpás outfall, sports centres, wastewater treatment plants…) and has now become a benchmark in Gipuzkoa for its responsible and dedicated approach, compliance with delivery times and quality performance.

Yet there is no doubt that our main asset has been, and continues to be, our human resources, whose dedication, effort and daily endeavour have enabled us to face the challenges that have emerged along the way. Our gratitude to them for the mark they have left on the business through their work and by their example.

ALTUNA Y URIA, S.A. today is one of the most consolidated companies in the Basque building sector and its track record stretching back over 50 years testifies to this. It has considerable prestige in the field of large-scale public works, especially tunnels, for which it has a significant pool of dedicated machinery and highly skilled personnel.

Several business units have been set up to ensure a more efficient and modern management, consisting of:
- Civil engineering: tunnels
- Civil engineering: wastewater treatment plants, residential housing estates...
- Development and building of housing
- Quarrying
- Concrete reinforcements plant
- Cement plants
- Asphalt
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