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Human Resources
ALTUNA Y URIA, S.A has a headcount of around 400 people. The TECHNICAL team comprises some 50 technicians, of whom 35% are women, being broken down into the following:
- Five-year degree engineers in Roads, Canals and Ports.
- Five-year degree engineers
- Topographers and assistant topographers
- Three-year degree architects
- Three-year degree engineers in public works
- Biologists
For tunnelling projects:
- Mining technicians
- Geologists.
- Electrical engineers

The rest of the non-technical workforce specialises in fields such as construction, and machinery maintenance.

The DIFFERENTIAL aspect of Altuna y Urķa S.A is that we undertake projects using our own resources (personnel and machinery). Hence the importance our workforce has for us.

Furthermore, we are SPECIALISTS IN TUNNELS, which explains why this Business Unit has over 50 people working on drilling and conditioning tunnels.

Our Staff Policy is based on the following points:

- Fostering and upholding a good working atmosphere
- Guaranteeing and investing in Occupational Health & Safety
- Providing training in technical matters and safety measures
- Offering a professional career
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